Building a Web Application


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Building a Web Application

The Content Grabber API can be used to run agents from your own applications. When using the API directly, your application needs security privileges that are standard for desktop applications, but not for web applications. It can be a complex task to ensure a web application has the required security privileges, and you may end up giving the application too many security privileges, making it vulnerable to security breaches.


Important: We don't support using the full API from a web application. We only support the use of the API proxy in web applications. You may be able to use the full API, depending on the security policies on the web server. We are unable to help you configure a web server for this purpose.


We recommend you use the Content Grabber agent service when using the API in web applications. The Content Grabber agent service provides most API functionality through a simple proxy assembly that requires no special security settings and depends on no other files than the single proxy assembly file. The proxy assembly can run in both 32-bit and 64-bit applications, which makes it even easier to use this assembly rather than the full API. Read more in the topic Using the Content Grabber Agent Service.