Refine Your Data


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Refine Your Data

In the previous section, we added commands to our agent to capture all the Cruise Direct content elements we require, except for the Ports of Call data. Due to the way the information is displayed for Ports of Call, we cannot select only the Ports of Call data element by clicking on it. Instead, we will select all the cruise information, then use Content Grabber’s transformation method to extract only the Ports of Call detail.


1.Firstly select the cruise information then use the mouse to expand the Configure Agent Command panel so we can see all the transformation fields.


2.Next, we scroll down the capture sample window until we can see the Ports of Call information. Now we select only the ports of call information. You should notice that the Transformation Script button has now changed to a Generate Transformation button.

transformation step 1

Selecting text to Transform in the Configure Agent Command panel


3.Now click on the Generate Transformation button, and we can now see only the ports of call information in the Transformed window.

transformation step 2

Transformed text in the Configure Agent Command panel


4.We will now click the Add Command button to add the transformation command to the Agent.


5.Click the Edit icon, then change the default command name to ‘Ports of Call’ then save it.

Agent Explorer - showing all agent commands

Agent Explorer showing all the Agent commands

In the next section, Output Data Format we look at the data output formats available for the extracted web data and show how to change and configure a new export target.