Simple vs Expert Layout


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Simple vs Expert Layout

Content Grabber includes a vast number of advanced features which can be overwhelming for a new user. Content Grabber allows you to hide some advanced features or to show all the features available. The default layout setting is the Simplified Layout which excludes some advanced features from the Content Grabber menus.


You can switch between the Simplified Layout and the Expert Layout from the Application Settings menu at the top of the Content Grabber application.



Content Grabber's Application Settings menu with Simplified Layout enabled


You can also show or hide the advanced features using the radio buttons displayed on Content Grabber's start-up screen.


show-hide advanced features

Show or hide advanced feature selection on start-up screen


After switching to Expert Layout you will see a number of additional menu items displaying. To switch back to Simplified Layout you choose Simplified Layout under the Expert Layout option within the Application Settings menu.



Content Grabber's Application Settings menu with Expert Layout enabled


For more detail on the different Expert Layout options and their functions, refer to Expert Layout Features within the Content Grabber Editor section of this manual.