Using the Content Grabber runtime


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Using the Content Grabber runtime


NOTICE: This functionality is only available with a Content Grabber OEM License.


You can use the Content Grabber command-line program on a computer without installing the entire Content Grabber software environment. You must first copy the Content Grabber runtime files to any folder on the computer.

The Content Grabber runtime files can be generated in the Content Grabber application by choosing Runtime Package in the Application menu. This will generate a zip file with all required files and folders. All these files and folders must be copied to a folder on the target computer.

The RunAgent.exe command-line program is part of the Content Grabber runtime and can used in the same way RunAgent.exe program in the Content Grabber installation folder.

These are the minimum computer specifications for running the Content Grabber runtime:

Windows 7/8/10/2008R2/2012/2012R2

.NET framework version 4.5+