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Content Grabber is used for web scraping and web automation. It can extract content from almost any website and save it as structured data in a format of your choice, including Excel reports, XML, CSV and most databases.

We recognize not every client is the same, so we give you options which can be tailored to your needs.
Do it yourself web scraping

Do It Yourself

You can run Content Grabber on your own PC/Servers to extract content from as many websites as you like.

You have control, so there are no restrictions or monthly data fees. Content Grabber's visual interface is extremely easy to use, is very powerful and rich in features. Content Grabber was initially developed for corporations who need improved performance and reliability, yet it is so intuitive it’s even suitable for absolute beginners.
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Web scraping services

Develop For You

If you would like to outsource the development of your web scraping agents, need tailored training or priority support, then our Consulting Services team will be happy to help.
Managed data extraction services

Managed Data Services

If you want to outsource all your web scraping requirements to a professional team, then our Managed Data Service is for you.

Here we develop, host and maintain your web scraping solutions for you. They are scheduled to run as often as you need and we deliver your data to you in the format you require. We typically charge a fraction of the price of our major competitors and our service additionally includes monitoring your agents and fixing them as required (e.g. when websites change).

We also offer fixed monthly pricing, so you can say goodbye to surprise data usage and IP proxy charges.

Consider This

cloud-based web scraping

Cloud-based Web Scraping Versus Software Install?

  • What are the pros and cons of using cloud-based web scraping versus running software on your own machine(s)?
web scraping features

Make Sure the Solution You Choose Can Do What You Need

  • See why Content Grabber is the only web scraping software scraping.pro gives 5 out of 5 on their Web Scraper Test Drive evaluations. 5 star web scraping software
  • Content Grabber can extract data from difficult sites (e.g. with complex JavaScript or AJAX controls) where many competitor solutions fail.
  • What makes Content Grabber so good?
Top 10 Big Data solution provider 2017

Top 10 Big Data solution provider 2017

  • Content Grabber helps Sequentum to be recognized as a top 10 big data solution provider in 2017.
Top 10 Big Data solution provider 2017
Wow! Sweet!. You're my new best friend. I just bought the $995 edition. You know I have and am cancelling subscriptions to: Import.io, octoparse, parsehub, and yours is by far the most advanced.

I am super happy with my purchase. Finally I can just stick to 1 scraper that has all the features I’d ever need. Also, paid in full is a great option. I have too many sites charging me monthly, at least this way it feels like its mine.
David Ruano Collective Marketing Solutions

Important Features

Scalable and reliable web scraping software

Scalable and Reliable

Content Grabber is targeted at companies with a critical reliance on web scraping, and a focus on scalability and reliability.

The web contains a massive amount of data and Content Grabber will extract it faster and more reliable than any other software, with the help of multithreading and many other performance tuning options.

Our powerful testing and debugging features help you build reliable agents, and solid error handling and error recovery will keep the agents running in the most difficult scenarios.
web scraping management tools

Build Hundreds of Web Scraping Agents

The ease-of-use and visual approach of the Content Grabber agent editor makes it suitable for building hundreds of web scraping agents, much faster than with any other software.

With hundreds of web scraping agents, you need the right tools to manage them all, and Content Grabber will not let you down. You can view status and logs of all your agents, or run and schedule your agents in one centralized location.
Royalty free web scraping agents

Distribute Web Scraping Agents Royalty Free

Build royalty free self-contained web scraping agents that can run anywhere without the Content Grabber software. A self-contained agent is a single executable file that is easy to send or copy anywhere, and has a wealth of powerful configuration options.

You are free to sell or give away your self-contained agents, and you can add promotional messages and ads to the agents' user interface.

Click on the following link to visit the download page for a free self-contained agent which you can use to extract company details, (by category and location) from the US Yellow Pages website. Try it out, have some fun. Get an idea for how powerful, yet easy to create, self-contained agents are. Discover how you could use them to distribute and sell your own offerings royalty free.
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Advanced web scraping features

Customize Everything with Scripting

Scripting is an integral part of Content Grabber and can be used for those situations where you need some special features to get everything done exactly as you want it.

Use the built-in script editor, or take advantage of Content Grabber's integration with Visual Studio for extra powerful script editing and debugging.
Web scraping API

Use the API to Build Unique Solutions

Add web scraping capabilities to your own desktop applications with the Content Grabber runtime.

Build web applications with the dedicated Content Grabber web API, and execute web scraping agents on demand directly from your website.

Customer Examples

Here are just some examples of how our customers use Content Grabber.

Price comparison portals / mobile apps

  • Data aggregation
  • Collaborative lists (e.g. home foreclosures, job boards, tourist attractions)
  • News & content aggregation
  • Search engine rankings
Price comparison
MArket intelligence

Market Intelligence and Monitoring

  • Competitive pricing
  • Retail chain monitoring
  • Social media and brand monitoring
  • Financial and market research
  • Fraud detection
  • IP protection
  • Compliance & risk management

Government solutions

  • Obtain timely updates on news, activities and opinions around the world
  • Reduce data collection and IT costs
  • Facilitate information sharing
  • Open-source intelligence (OSINT)
Content integration

Content Integration

  • Content migration (i.e. CMS / CRM)
  • Enterprise search
  • Legacy application integration

B2B integration / process automation

  • Partner / supplier / customer integration
We recently came up against a website that used a technology that our toolset could not handle. We started looking at other technology options and none of them could do what we needed…until we found Content Grabber.
Lonnie Wallace - Partner / Director of Information Technology Retail Insight, LLC
We now have 50+ agents running data interactions internally making systems interact where systems previously didn't and was a manual job to update records, other agents get data from site on a schedule and stored in a database, this is now giving us business intelligence unrivaled to data we had previously.
Jon Hallam - Director Managed Desktop consulting at NHS London
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Please email sales@contentgrabber.com if you would like us to help you get started with Content Grabber.
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