About Us

Content Grabber is developed and published by Sequentum

Sequentum is located and operated in USA and Australia.

Sequentum Inc.
33 Irving Pl, Floor 5
New York, NY 10003
Phone: 1-866-594-6019
Email: info@sequentum.com
Sequentum Pty Ltd
PO Box 872
Spit Junction, NSW 2088
Phone: +61 1300-557-623
ABN: 24145030799

About Us

Sequentum is a word of Latin origin which means successor or next.

SequentumÂ’'s owners originally developed enterprise search software solutions. The rich search engine feature-set and usable nature of the search software saw this business quickly grow and they sold it in early 2005.

Following the sale of the search business, as the company namesake suggests, Sequentum was established for what came next.

For us, the next big opportunity was enabling people to make better use of the world's biggest data source – the Web. The web (including social media and mobile) is rich in content, but it is predominantly made up of unstructured data sources making it hard to utilize at scale.

Our software is used around the world by thousands of companies and individuals alike.

We hope you enjoy using our software and appreciate your feedback!

Our Team

All our software developers and support staff have at least 5-10 years experience in web automation and web scraping, so they are able to help our customers with the most difficult projects.

Our sales representatives are all technical minded with extensive commercial experience, so they are able to understand both the technical and commercial aspects of the solutions we build for our customers.

Our development and support operation is primarily based in Australia, but we have sales representation in both Australia and USA. We do our utmost to work flexible hours that best suits our customers in different time zones around the world.