Managed Data Services

What We Do

Content Grabber’s Managed Data Service enables you to outsource all you web scraping data extraction requirements. We develop, host and maintain your web scraping solutions for you.

We ultilize our advanced Content Grabber scraping technology on our servers so you can get data when it's convenient for you while not tying up your machines.

Our solutions are customised to your specific needs and we deliver the data to you in the format you require with updates as often as you want.

We also continually monitor and maintain your project agent(s) to ensure you get the data you need regardless of website changes.

Why use managed data extraction services?

Has your company been trying to scrape data in house, with little success? Some websites are difficult to extract data from and require technical expertise. Perhaps your data needs are expanding and you need a reliable service provider to take on this work. Or are you simply looking to cut costs?

Our service is ideal for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to manage a project from start to finish. We lower your average cost and time-to-market. Our experts customise the right solution for the website(s) you are targeting and deliver the data to you need in a fraction of the time.

We typically charge a fraction of the price of our major competitors and our service additionally includes monitoring your agents and fixing them as required (e.g. when websites change). We also offer fixed monthly pricing, so you can say goodbye to surprise data usage and IP proxy charges.

Whatever the reason, tell us what you need and we will take care of it for you!

Please email for a quote.

How it works

Our service is all about making data extraction simple and reliable for our users. Simply tell us what data you want, from which websites and how often you need it. We’ll do the rest!

We use our premium web scraping engine Content Grabber to extract your data. The data is automatically delivered to your nominated email based on the schedule frequency you request. The data can be delivered in Excel, CVS or XML formats.

You can also programmatically connect to us through our Web Services API to deliver the data directly into your custom SQL database structures. This will enable real-time updates on your website. Simply tell us how you want the data delivered and we will do the heavy lifting for you!

Agent Control Center

For more visibility and control over you web scraping, we also give you online access to your own Agent Control Center. From here, 24/7, you can see how many web scraping agents you have, what's running, update their run schedules, as well as view, manage and upload your data.

The screenshot above is from our live demo that contains 6 managed agents which extract store locations of some popular food chains in Australia. The data from the 6 agents are aggregated into a single CSV file which is also available from the agent control center.

Test our live demo. Please notice that you will be logged in as a demo user which is not allowed to change schedule or input data.

Typical Data Feeds

We provide data when you need it on your schedule, hourly, daily, whenever. Tell us what data you want once, and then schedule it to run automatically. Here are just a few examples of how our customers use our services.

Product Price Feed

Do you know the most up-to-date offers of your competitors, the price at which distributors sell your products or what are the best selling products in the market?

Our customers easily retrieve competitive data for the Web like:

  • Competitors' categories & products
  • Product titles & descriptions
  • Product SKUs, model number, make year, etc
  • Product images & call-to-actions
  • Average sale & retail price of products.

You can also:

  • Collect real-time data to support dynamic pricing and increase market share
  • Uphold the pricing power of your brand by monitoring for flash sales and unauthorized discounting.

Retail Chain monitoring

Do you have no control over, or limited visibility of how retailers are selling your products?

We help suppliers monitor their minimum advertised pricing policies. This helps them to effectively control their product pricing and maintain margins – protecting the value of their brands.

Retail chain monitoring helps you to:

  • Track inventory on retailers’ websites
  • Obtain details on SKU level activity
  • Prevent minimum advertised price violations
  • Monitor dealers for price compliance
  • Monitor change in market dynamics.

Customer Sentiment and Brand Monitoring

More and more customers are shopping online and publicly sharing their opinions and buying preferences. Companies are using web scraping agents to:

  • Track social interactions and gossip around your products
  • Monitor product reviews on YouTube, Epinions, Yelp, etc
  • Gauge customer reactions to a new product
  • Address product satisfaction issues before they get out of hand
  • Track customer sentiment for specific stock shares and options
  • Determine if there a usability problem with your service
  • Collect customer sentiment over time for trend analysis.

Sales Lead Generation

You can remove the significant time and effort sales teams typically spend manually searching and retrieving sales lead data from the Web, allowing them to focus on core revenue-generating activities.

We can automatically capture email and physical addresses, phone numbers and other vital information about target demographics from relevant online directories, member listing pages, industry associations and other sites. There’s no manual cutting and pasting and you get the leads you need in a fraction of the time. We can also update contact details on an ongoing basis to maintain the integrity of your lead database.

IP protection

We can help you monitor various online sources for copyright infringement – where a company's products have been illegally copied and shared online.

This enables companies (i.e. media and entertainment), to detect and remove infringing content more rapidly and to reduce revenue losses.

Standard Terms and Conditioons

Standard terms and conditions for all project development work.

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