Mighty Bots

Mighty Bots are self-contained web scraping agents which have been developed to perform specific / common data extraction tasks from different websites. Might Bots are monitored and maintained by Sequentum.

They can run on most Windows computers without any software or license dependencies and you are free to download these and use them from your own machines.

You can extract as much data as you like, and data can be saved to Excel, CSV or XML. You can also schedule the bots to run in the background at certain intervals. Each Mighty Bot is different so please read the instructions inside each Mighty Bot for how to use it.

The Mighty Bots included below are free. We hope you enjoy using them and welcome your feedback.

If you have any questions Call 1-866-594-6019 (Toll Free in USA/Canada) or email info@contentgrabber.com.

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