Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains a list of frequently asked questions about Content Grabber.

If you cannot find answers to your questions on this page, please don't hesitate to email your questions to sales@contentgrabber.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQs – General

What are the main differences between Content Grabber’s Professional and Premium Edition licenses?

Most of the web scraping functionality is included in the Professional Edition. The main features that are exclusive to the Premium Edition include the:
  • use of the API and web integration
  • ability to white-label the self-contained web scraping agents
  • royalty free runtime; and
  • integration with Visual Studio 2013 for extra powerful script editing, debugging and unit testing.

How can I compare the features offered between Content Grabber’s different license types?

Check out this feature comparison table.

What content can Content Grabber extract?

Content Grabber can extract pretty much any content (images, text, PDF, documents, videos, etc) that you can manually navigate to online.

How should the Content Grabber server license be used?

The Server Edition is for use on test and production servers to manage and run web scraping agents. While you can maintain your agents using the Server Edition, it does not facilitate the creation of new agents. People often want a separate production server to their development environment. It is a cheaper alternative than buying a full license for production.

Can I upgrade from a Professional Edition to a Premium Edition license?

Yes, you can upgrade from a Professional Content Grabber License to a Premium License as long as your maintenance agreement is valid. The upgrade price is US $1500. Please note that any web scraping agents created in the Professional Edition, when opened in the Premium Edition will only be able to utilize the feature set of the Professional Edition (e.g. the API features of the Premium version won’t be accessible to this agent).

How does Content Grabber’s maintenance and support agreement work?

When you buy a Content Grabber license, it includes 6 months maintenance and support at no additional cost. This will entitle you to continual software updates and support during this period. At the end of the 6 month period, you can renew you maintenance and support agreement for another 12 months from the Content Grabber support database.

Is it compulsory to maintain you maintenance and support agreement to be able to use Content Grabber?

No. The Content Grabber license is a one-time payment and is yours to keep forever. We do recommend you maintain your maintenance however, to ensure you fully benefit from the regular functionality improvements and any bug fixes.

Do I need the Premium Edition to build self-contained web scraping agents?

No. You can build and distribute self-contained agents royalty free with the Professional Edition of Content Grabber.

Can I white label the Content Grabber self-contained agents?

Yes. The Premium Edition of Content Grabber gives you the ability to remove Content Grabber branding from the user interface of executable agents. You can also customize the user interface design as you like with custom HTML templates.

Does Content Grabber include a website crawler function?

Yes. Content Grabber includes a prebuilt template which you can use to repeatedly follow all links on a website to look for specific content, such as emails or phone numbers.

You can read more on Website Crawling in the Content Grabber manual.

Can Content Grabber export extracted data to PDF?

Yes. You can read more on data export in the Content Grabber manual.

Can Content Grabber automate the extraction of content I need from my emails?

Yes, Content Grabber can do this as long as it is web-based email.

Will Content Grabber expose my IP address when scraping web sites?

You can avoid exposing your IP address by using an proxy rotation service which Content Grabber can easily integrate with.
We have an exclusive deal with enterprise IP Proxy provider Nohodo, where they are offering a free proxy rotation service for Content Grabber. The free account is limited to 5000 web requests per month (one page load may result in many web requests), but larger data plans are also available. Visit your account page to sign up for the free proxy account.

Can Content Grabber extract data from a website protected with user login and Image CAPTCHA security?

Yes, Content Grabber can extract data from websites protected by login and CAPTCHA. However, if you want the software to resolve CAPTCHA’s automatically, you will need to sign-up to a 3rd party CAPTCHA recognition service.
You can read more on managing CAPTCHA's in the Content Grabber manual.

What can I do with the royalty free runtime?

The Royalty Free runtime enables you to run or edit agents in your own applications and to distribute the Content Grabber runtime royalty-free with your own software. This is only available to you with the Premium Edition of Content Grabber.

Will Content Grabber Professional allow for Agent development on one system and the running of unlimited self-contained agents on other boxes?


Are there any limitations to the self-contained agents?

There are a few limitations to self-contained agents. The most important one being that they can only export data to XML, CSV and Excel.

What are the minimum system requirements for Content Grabber?

Content Grabber is a Windows-based software application. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 and Windows 2012R2 are the supported versions of Windows. It is important to note that while it is not supported, the Content Grabber runtime works on Windows XP+ and the Content Grabber editor works on Windows Vista+. While a Macintosh version is not available, a number of our users utilize Parallel's windows emulation software to successfully run Content Grabber.

Recommended minimum requirements:

64bit Windows 10 or 2012R2
Intel Core i5-6xxx or equivalent
8GB RAM (+2GB of RAM for each agent you want to run in parallel)
500 GB internal hard drive

Does Sequentum offer Consulting Services for development using Content Grabber?

Yes. We offer a range of development and hosting services for our customers. You can find more detail on our Consulting Services page.

FAQs – Visual Web Ripper Users

What are some of the top reasons to move from Visual Web Ripper to Content Grabber?

  • The editor is much easier to use and includes superior debugging and logging tools. This means decreased development effort and improved agent quality.
  • Improved performance and reliability.
  • Self-contained web scraping agents that can be distributed royalty free.
  • Improved agent management tools
  • Improved API and web integration.
  • Royalty free runtime.
  • Inclusion of web site crawler functionality.
  • Web site task automation functionality.
  • Much more flexibility when creating agents, without having to resort to scripting.
  • Superior error handling and error recovery features.

Is there a project migration process / utility from Visual Web Ripper to Content Grabber? (Can I import my old project into Content Grabber?)

Yes – Content Grabber includes a migration feature for Visual Web Ripper projects. Note however, that some manual work will likely be required for complex projects, particularly those that utilize the API or custom scripts.

Are there features in Visual Web Ripper that are not included in Content Grabber? (Am I losing any functionality when migrating?)

The features in Visual Web Ripper also are available in Content Grabber plus many more. Many features will work differently but in a superior way.
The only exception is the API. VWR has a completely open, and mostly undocumented, API. Content Grabber has a documented, but limited API. In our opinion the Content Grabber API is much more useful in most situations. You may however find things you can do with the Visual Web Ripper API which you will not be able to do in the Content Grabber’s API.

Is there a purchase discount to migrate to Content Grabber?

Yes. If you have active maintenance for a Visual Web Ripper license, you will get a $US 100 discount. You also get to keep your Visual Web Ripper license. Note: You cannot combine multiple Visual Web Ripper licenses (or seats) into one big discount for a single Content Grabber license.