Action Types


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Action Types

Action commands can execute one of two types, or no action at all:

Fire Events - The command fires events, such as a mouse click, on the selected web element.

Load URL - The command loads a new page into the web browser using a direct URL.

No Action - The command does not execute an action. This is only relevant for form fields which may execute an action when an input values is assigned, but often execute no action at all.


Action Command - Action Types

This action command will fire events


Use Conservative Timeouts

An action command uses default timeout values to determine how long it should wait for activities, such as how long it should wait for a new page to start loading. Default timeout values are only used when an action command is discovering activities or when it is scrolling a web page to discover new content.


The default timeout values will work in most situations, but some websites may be very slow and require longer timeouts. You can increase the timeouts manually, but it can sometimes be hard to determine exactly which timeouts to increase. The option Use Conservative Timeouts causes an action command to wait twice as long as specified by the default timeout values. This can be a quick way to test if issues with an action are caused by timeout values being too short.


Scroll to End of Page

Some web pages load additional content when you scroll the page - either downward or to the right. To extract all content from such pages, you need to include an action that scrolls down to the end of the page, so all content is available to the agent.


When you set the option Scroll to end of page, you will be able to limit the number of times the command scrolls to the end of a page to load new content. This can be important, since some pages will continue loading new content for a single page until Content Grabber finally runs out of memory.