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Congratulations on your purchase of Content Grabber. We value you as a customer and we want to help you increase your web-scraping productivity. We have put years of effort into designing and developing Content Grabber. Our software can be a great help in simplifying the web-scraping process, increasing your efficiency, and optimizing the performance. We have the best web-scraping solution on the market and strive to exceed your expectations.


You can learn more in these sections:


Editions and Licensing

What is Web Scraping?

Web Scraping with Content Grabber

Web Scraping Limitations

Web Scraping Techniques


We have designed this comprehensive user guide to help you get up and running quickly with Content Grabber, and then learn the advanced features so that you can get your job done more efficiently. After Installing Content Grabber, we recommend that you get familiar with Understanding the Concept, Exploring the Main Window and Building Your First Agent.


We welcome your input and feedback, so please send us an email at: We are keen to know how you are using Content Grabber, and welcome any inquiry from you or your colleagues.