Navigate Link Command


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Navigate Link Command

This command executes an action, such as a mouse click, on a web element. You can apply the Navigate Link command to any kind of web element, including links, buttons, and menus.


The figure below shows the Configure Agent Command panel after choosing Navigate Link from the New Command drop-down:

Action Command - Navigate Link


Command Configuration

The configuration screen for the Navigate Link command has three tabs. Common, Action, and Properties. We explain the Properties in the sections below. Use the Common tab to set the command name. Use the Action tab to control how the command chooses the web element and loads new content into the web browser. See Action Configuration for more information.



The properties in the tables below are available to Navigate Link commands.





Worker Threads

Number of worker threads to use when this command opens links in a new web browser. Each worker thread will use a new separate web browser.


Repeat Link Action



Repeat Link Action

Repeats the link action until the chosen web element no longer exists, or the action no longer results in a page change.

Max. Repeats

The maximum number of times the link action will repeat. A value of zero means that there is no maximum to the number of repetitions.


The following common command properties are also available to the Navigate Link command:

Action Command Properties

Web Selection Properties

Container Command Properties

Command Properties