Script Template Library


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Script Template Library

Content Grabber has a Script Template Library that allows you to easily share scripts between agents. This library also contains some standard scripts for common operations, such as regular expressions used to extract emails or phone numbers from a piece of text.


You can save a script to the library at anytime when your writing a script. Simply enter a script name and description, and click Save to Library. If you save a script with the same name as an existing script, the existing script will be overwritten. You can save a script to the template library at any time by clicking the Save button:




You can load a script from the library by opening the Script name drop down box, and then selecting the script you want to load:




Exporting and Importing Template Libraries

All user templates can be exported and imported, so you can move the templates from one computer to another. Content Grabber exports or imports all templates, including both command templates and script templates. You cannot export or import just command templates or just script templates.