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You can use scripting in a variety of ways to customize Content Grabber behavior, or to extend standard functionality. Content Grabber scripts are .NET functions written in C# or VB.NET, or regular expressions.


Content Grabber scripts can be divided into three categories:

Content transformation scripts.

Command scripts.

Extension scripts.


Content Transformation Scripts

Content transformation scripts are used to transform a piece of text. For example, if you extract an address from a web page, but want only the postal code, you can transform the address into just the postal code. You can also view this process as extracting sub-text, but sometimes you may do more than merely extract sub-text. That is why we call this transformation.


Content transformation scripts are used in the following situations:

Transformation of extracted content.

Transformation of file names when downloading files.

Transformation of URLs when using Navigate Link commands that extract and navigate to direct URLs.

Transformation of input data.


See the topic Content Transformation Scripts for more information.

Command Scripts

Command scripts are general purpose scripts that are executed as part of the normal agent command execution flow. The scripts are often used to alter the execution flow of an agent.


See the topic Command Scripts for more information.

Extension Scripts

Extension scripts are used to extend Content Grabber functionality. A Data Export script is an example of an extension script that can be used to apply some custom business logic to extracted data.


The following scripts are extension scripts:

Agent Initialization Scripts

Data Export Scripts

Data Distribution Scripts

Data Input Scripts

Image OCR Scripts

Convert Document to HTML Scripts