Testing/Debugging an Agent


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Testing/Debugging an Agent

The agent debugger is an essential tool when trying to locate and correct issues in an agent. Running an agent through the debugger is normally the first thing you do after you have built your agent.


The debugger will warn you of any potential issues while it's running an agent, and allow you to pause and correct any issues.


An agent runs significantly slower through the debugger, and the debugger does not automatically manage JavaScript memory leaks and hanging/crashing web browsers, so you should only use the debugger for testing, and not for full agent runs.


Refer to Using the Debugger for more detail.



Logging is used to collect detailed information about the web scraping process and can be used both when debugging and running an agent. Logging includes links to the web pages that are being processed, so it's easy to pinpoint pages that may be causing problems.


Refer to Using Logging for more detail.