List Commands


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List Commands

A List command is a special type of container command that iterates through a set of elements and executes each of its sub-commands once for each element. The element list can be taken from an input source, such as a CSV file, or it can come from a web selection that selects multiple web elements on the current web page.

The following commands are list commands:


Set Form Field

Data List

Web Element List


The Web Element List command uses a web selection to generate its element list. The Agent, Set Form Field and Data List commands use an input data provider to generate their element lists. A command is not considered a list command if the input data provider is set to None. For example, a Set Form Field command that uses input data from a different command would have its own data provider set to None, and therefore is not a List command in that case. You can learn more by clicking the links to any of the subsections above.