Container Commands


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Container Commands

Container Commands contain one or more sub-commands. After the container command executes, all of the sub-commands execute at least once. If a container command executes its sub-commands more than once, then the command is also a List Command. A list command iterates through a list of data elements or web element, and then executes all its sub-commands - once for each element in the list.


In this chapter, we explain all of the container commands:


Navigate Link

Navigate URL

Set Form Field

Data List

Web Element List

Group Commands

Group Commands in Page Area


Container Properties

All commands have a set of properties that govern the function of the command. The following is a set of basic properties common to all container commands.




Command Link

Links to another container command where processing will continue. The targeted container command will be executed, so it's normally best to link to a group command that does nothing, so it's clear what happens after the link.

Dependent Command

The action of the dependent command will be executed before the current command is executed. Dependent commands of the dependent will also be executed, so a dependent command can cause many commands to be executed.


Dependent commands are often used when processing web forms, because you may need to ensure some form fields are set properly before setting other form fields.

Repeat While Selection is Valid

Repeats the command action while the command selection exists. This can be used when a command is deleting all items from a list, so the command will keep deleting items as long as there are items in the list.